Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility Study is the all-important “look before you leap” due diligence effort that should be undertaken by a nonprofit considering a major fundraising campaign.

With client input and limited direct assistance, over approximately 2 months, we will:

Prepare the “Case for Support”. The Case will be a written summary of the multi-year plan and reason “investors” should fund it. We will also produce a variety of other documents necessary to conduct a successful Study: Interviewee Questionnaire, Pledge Table, “Pave the Way” Cover Letter, etc.

Identify Top Prospects. We will facilitate a prospect identification and prioritization meeting to be attended by top leaders and perhaps selected community leaders outside of the core leadership group. During this meeting, we will identify the “community of interest” surrounding the project and prioritize the top 100 businesses, foundations, individuals / families, and other organizations that appear to have the most potential to positively influence a campaign.

Interview Prospects. Our professional staff will conduct in-person, confidential interviews with approximately 40-50 of these 100. During these interviews, we will gather input on: the need for the plan, the plan itself, financial goal feasibility, best funding prospects, best leader prospects, most compelling message, etc. Importantly, we will seek to engage and cultivate the interviewees with an eye toward facilitating a future successful campaign solicitation.

Produce Report. We will produce a Report of Findings and Recommendations. We will (1) aggregate the interviewees’ input to create “What Community Leaders Are Saying” sections to the Report; and (2) analyze the input and provide specific recommendations regarding plan refinement (if any) and campaign strategy. POWER 10 routinely presents this Report at a meeting of our client’s Board.



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