Team Profiles

Sean Mikula POWER 10
Sean Mikula

Chief Executive Officer

Attorney (UGA), West Point grad, U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer with 13 years of coast-to-coast capital campaign experience; believes nonprofit campaigns should be run like a military operation complete with occasional use of camouflage face paint and frequent use of “Hooah!” (Per Wikipedia, “hooah” means “anything and everything EXCEPT ‘no'”).

Laura Lilly

Vice President, Operations

All aboard the “L” Train! A highly experienced development professional (10 years in the business!) with multiple degrees, Laura runs the P10 command center with agility and alacrity; this former ballerina keeps POWER 10 staff and clients on their toes and on task – somehow managing to project urgency and calm simultaneously.

Bob Johnson

Director of Project Operations

Michigan State Spartan and Harvard Law grad (honors both) by the age of 23 (!); attorney, economic developer, nonprofit / for-profit CEO, and widely respected elder statesman of the capital campaign industry – has run campaigns in 14 states including Alaska and the Aloha State; in tandem with Ciari, his wife of 56 years, Bob rides bikes, kayaks and even manages campaigns; three children, three grandchildren, two great grandchildren and two dogs – Buddy and Kali – round out Team Johnson.

Amity Farrar POWER 10
Amity Farrar

Senior Counsel

Labor / Employment Law Attorney (UGA) and University of Michigan graduate with 14 years in the practice of law; P10 veteran, multi-campaign winner and emerging industry leader; twin citizenship (US and U.K.), twin kids, one husband, one pup, and a whole lotta iron fist in a velvet glove!

Michael Dimengo

Senior Counsel

A Las Vegas resident who holds a Master of Divinity, Mike has professional counsel versatility in spades. He has served nonprofits coast-to-coast as a CEO, campaign director, executive search and communications counsel, and beyond. When not out beating the odds on behalf of nonprofit clients across the country, Mike is heavily engaged in civic life in the “City of Lights” where he resides with Douglas, his partner of 22 years.

Daniel Hall POWER 10
Daniel Hall

Campaign Director / Director of Development

Ole Miss graduate with a BA in Public Policy Leadership; solid political and government experience; ambitious, creative campaign director; uses authentic friendliness like a battering ram turning no’s to maybe’s to yes’s.

Les Hough, Ph.D.

Campaign Director / Director of Development

UVA PhD; nonprofit executive of 30 years with significant workforce / community / economic development experience; multi-campaign winning fundraiser who delivers a one-two punch of “big G” Gravitas and plain spoken friendliness, making him POWER 10’s resident “campaign whisperer”; husband to one (Sharon); father to 3 (daughters), and “papa” to 6!

Jim Ludlam


Attorney (UGA) for 15 years; nonprofit legal counsel extraordinaire nearly half his career; as skilled at building the case for a major campaign as he is at building intricate Lego creations. Husband to Kerry and Dad to Claire and Finn.

John Marshall


Purdue U., full “Sparky” (BSEE and MSEE); FL boy who traded beaches for peaches; John is a well diversified go-getter – company founder, entrepreneurial leader, multi-fundraising campaign winner, and world class knot tier (“Once an Eagle, always an Eagle”); happy husband to Lynn for 35 years and proud papa to two War Eagles(!).

Thomas Morris

Campaign Director / Director of Development

Masters from Princeton (another P10 Ivy-er!); LSU undergrad (YES, this was almost a deal-breaker for us); major nonprofit leadership and fundraising experience (26 years!) – particularly in the education and faith-based arenas; capital campaign winner; annual fund increaser; board and strategy developer; proud husband to Hadley and father to Jack.

Paul Santiago

Senior Counsel

Navy veteran – a radioman aboard the USS Jouett CG-29, a Guided Missile Cruiser (Hooyah!); husband to Nora for 33 years (!), father of 4 and new grandfather of 2; spends his downtime in the box – the CrossFit box that is; all this and with 20+ campaigns and feasibility studies under his belt, Paul brings a double helping of ABSOLUTE CAN-DO; yeah, you’ll see it’s true.

Steve Stevens
Steve Stevens

Senior Counsel

Multi award winning Chamber CEO who’s been recognized for individual and organizational excellence at the state and national levels; 30 years of business and association leadership experience; proud husband, father and marathon runner who spends his days in a suit but is a drumming rocker by night and former member of “Suits that Rock” (yup!); keeps campaigns running in smooth rhythm with a simple 1,2,3 of his rock star drum sticks.

Andrea Taylor POWER 10
Andrea Taylor

Campaign Director / Director of Development

Summa cum Laude graduate of the U. of Alabama, MBA from University of Louisville, and a top level marketing pro at Mercedes Benz and Merrill Lynch – add all that power to a sincerely nice person with a German accent and when Andrea says “jump,” the rest of us pretty much ask for her height preference.

Jeanne Drake Ward

Campaign Director / Director of Development

A true nonprofit pro with 20+ years as a nonprofit leader, strategic planner, trainer, and entrepreneur; “superpower” is x-ray vision enabling her to help nonprofits see their way to “strategic clarity”; inspires others with her sharp insight and high energy – all with a sense of calm and all in BALANCE – which, of course, she learned on the high wire at the Sarasota Sailor Circus (oh yes, it’s true!).