Story Behind Our Name

Veteran Owned and Operated BusinessA “POWER 10” is an acceleration move. Much like you would call a “play” in another sport, a POWER 10 is a play that is called in the sport of ROWING (also known as “crew”). It is a series of ten strokes taken at maximum speed and strength and differs in intensity from the normal race pace. It is used to accelerate at the start, accelerate past a competitor, or accelerate to a strong-finish. Bottom line—a POWER 10 is about going to the next level. A successful POWER 10 requires “all hands on” full engagement and effort from every member of the team. If all do their part, a POWER 10 will literally lift the boat a few inches out of the water and drive it to the next level of speed and competitiveness.

We decided on this name for our firm because we exist to assist our nonprofit clients in executing a “POWER 10.” What is a POWER 10 / acceleration move for a nonprofit? It usually involves a dynamic new plan (programs, buildings, etc.), funding to implement it, and the leadership needed to pull it all off. We often assist our clients with all three.

And we selected the names of the three primary parts / actions of a rowing stroke – catch, drive, finish – for our company’s tagline. We gear our campaign activities to catch and hold the attention of top leaders and prospects, we drive day-to-day campaign operations (to include making the “Ask”) and momentum, and we finish our campaigns on time, over goal, and under budget.

How do we know about this thing called a POWER 10? POWER 10 Founder and CEO Sean Mikula rowed four years at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He and his West Point teammates won Gold at the 1991 Patriot League Championship. Sean later took the skills he learned on the Hudson River and deployed them in coaching the University of Georgia’s crew team while in law school there. Sean now brings the same level of leadership and determination he learned “on the water” to each POWER 10 client knowing exactly what it takes to accelerate to the next level.



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