Chamber / Economic Development Campaign Management

POWER10 provides major / capital campaign management for chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, downtown development organizations and related.

Projects We Fund

Our campaigns fund 5-year programs directed to:

  • New Business Recruitment
  • Existing Business Retention and Expansion
  • Small Business Startup and Support
  • Business / Industrial Park Development and Marketing
  • Workforce Attraction and Preparedness
  • MANY other programs and strategies – contact POWER10 for a full list
How the Funds Are Used

The funds we raise commonly pay for:

  • New / existing staff
  • Contracts with other agencies or consultants
  • Marketing strategies
  • Travel
  • “Opportunity” funds / cash reserve
  • New or renovated Chamber buildings
Campaign Process

Prior to each campaign, we routinely conduct a “Feasibility Study” to assess support for our respective client’s plan / program and develop a preliminary campaign strategy.

If the Study leads to a positive outcome, pending a board “go forward” decision, we then initiate campaign startup. We employ our proven Campaign Process that we customize to meet the particular needs and circumstances of each client. Highlights include:

  • Startup / establish meeting, reporting and other protocols
  • Accounting and legal – pledge handling policies and state registrations
  • Develop “Case for Support” and comprehensive “Ask package”
  • Develop / refine / prioritize prospect list
  • Implement campaign communications plan
  • Recruit campaign operations committee (high level volunteer leaders)
  • Makes Asks of top 30 prospects in top-down and inside-out sequence
  • POWER 10 professionals “Make the Ask!”
  • Campaign Public Kickoff
  • Make Asks of next 100 prospects
  • Victory Celebration!
Campaign Service Models

Resident Counsel (full-time service). We find that most clients prefer this service option. We assemble a team comprised of the CEO or EVP, VP Operations, and dedicate a POWER 10 professional Campaign / Development Director to your campaign. The Development Director is exclusively devoted to driving your campaign’s day-to-day operations. Operating essentially as “primary staff,” we manage and physically execute the various tasks of the campaign, with the exception of a few tasks that are best accomplished by client staff and volunteers based on their relationships and community knowledge.

Part-time Counsel. This option may be appropriate for clients that need to do campaign front-end “friend raising” / leadership cultivation or which have other circumstances that require less comprehensive service from POWER 10 professional staff. In such circumstances, we routinely provide a professional Development Director to manage the comprehensive campaign and spend approximately 2 weeks per month on-site. The Director will focus on those activities that most require an experienced and highly professional approach – development of the Case for Support “Ask package,” solicitation of the Top 25 prospects, volunteer leader recruitment, and related. This service option places more responsibility on staff and volunteer leaders to persistently drive campaign progress.



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