Additional Services

We offer a number of services that are integrated within or complementary to our capital campaign management services.

Economic Impact Analysis

We routinely conduct economic impact analysis of our client’s program before moving into a campaign’s solicitation phase.  Funding prospects find very appealing the “hard science” of economic impact analysis and want to see a return on their investment (ROI).  The analysis will measure the ripple effect of jobs created / capital investment stimulated by our respective client’s program and quantify new consumer spending, taxes generated, and the like.

Additionally, depending on the project / program, there may be additional goal “outcomes” that have a measurable economic impact we can assess and include in the campaign “case for support.”

Strategic Plan Facilitation

In the context of the feasibility studies and campaigns we manage, we very frequently assist our clients with strategic plan development / refinement and messaging.  And on occasion, we provide strategic plan development as a stand-alone service. As with our feasibility study / campaign management services, we have a well-developed strategic planning process that we customize for use with each client.

Our style is both facilitative and prescriptive. We facilitate the discussion, ask probing questions, drive critical thinking, and encourage thorough analysis – all to ensure that we pull the best input out of our client staff and volunteer leaders so that the final plan is a clear expression of their collective intent. We also incorporate our experience with non-profits of all types and commonly suggest specific strategies, accountability measures, and other content needed to create a dynamic actionable plan.

“I have participated in many strategic planning processes over the years, and POWER 10’s process and approach is one of the best I have ever experienced. They have pushed us to “think big” and it has transformed our Chamber’s purpose and work in the community.”

Lisa Smith
Board President, Clayton County Chamber of Commerce
Metro South Region Manager, Georgia Power Company

Nonprofit Startup

POWER 10 assists clients with incorporation, preparation of the IRS application for nonprofit status, and related startup essentials – strategic plan and fundraising strategy development, etc.

Public / Private Partnership Development

POWER 10 has extensive experience working toward and implementing public / private partnerships to accomplish important community projects. From economic development initiatives to public libraries and parks, we have the experience to help you pull your community together in efficient fashion.

Investor Relations Audit

POWER 10 reviews investor (donor) relations process and procedures, and develops results-oriented investor relations strategies and standards. We also work with clients to sharpen the focus on stewardship and accountability, improving our client’s ability to demonstrate the meaningful ways in which investments are being used.



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