National Search – Chief Executive Officer, Glacial Heritage Development Partnership / Executive Director, Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium (WI)


The Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium (JCEDC), including the member communities of Cambridge, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Waterloo, Watertown, and Whitewater, was founded more than a decade ago to proactively drive area (county area pop: 108,000) economic growth. In recent years, JCEDC leadership has evaluated and concluded that the right approach is for the public sector to partner with and engage the private sector in developing, funding and implementing a dynamic new strategic initiative focused on (1) workforce development, (2) growth in businesses / jobs / capital investment, and (3) marketing / tourism.

Accordingly, JCEDC is underway in creating a private-public nonprofit corporation, the “Glacial Heritage Development Partnership” (GHDP), which will include a private sector board, and which will lead and coordinate the area’s economic development efforts. The plan is for an expanded JCEDC staff to manage implementation of GHDP’s / JCEDC’s $4.1 million 5-year plan (“2017-2021 Strategic Initiative”), and for the organization to be funded by private and public sector investors. JCEDC recently concluded a successful funding feasibility study, and intends to move forward expeditiously with a campaign to secure private sector funding to supplement the existing public sector budget. GHDP / JCEDC have commenced a search for a Chief Executive Officer to lead the organization as it evolves to become a full and strong private-public partnership.

Position Description – Summary

The CEO / Executive Director (“CEO”) will serve as the lead economic development executive for Jefferson County and report to the GHDP and JCEDC Boards and the County Administrator. The CEO will oversee all day-to-day GHDP / JCEDC operations, financial matters, implementation of Board decisions, and continued development and refinement of GHDP’s / JCEDC’s strategic initiative.  The CEO will implement strategies in support of the 2017-2021 Initiative’s three goals and ensure that GHDP / JCEDC achieves its mission to drive economic and community development in the Jefferson County area.

Click HERE to download the complete position description and application.

Candidates for this position will be evaluated by POWER 10 and the GHDP / JCEDC CEO Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will invite the most qualified candidates to participate in the next phase of the selection process.

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