Who we are

We thought we would use this section to tell you a bit about who we are – please see our Services section for more about what we do.

Our team is comprised of service-oriented professionals who are drawn to the challenge and opportunity that come with capital campaign management and other capacity building services for chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and other community nonprofits.

Like you, making a difference makes a difference to us.

We are contributing team members to our clients’ organizations – we don’t have personal agendas and we don’t do silos.

We see the end game. We know that fundraising is a means by which our clients “muscle up” their capacity to drive impact. And we love being a part of it.

We hire individuals who exemplify and live out our four core values: integrity, leadership, service and initiative.  These values are the “hidden infrastructure” of our company.

We operate with a “no excuses” mentality, and we subscribe to the informal motto of the U.S. Marines, “improvise, adapt, overcome”!

We are skilled at project management, we pay attention to detail, and we believe that tenacity WINS.

We relate well with top business and government leaders in communities of all sizes and shapes – urban / suburban / rural, from coast to coast.

We make strategic use of client leaders’ time, but we respectfully engage them to step forward and step up.

We do not provide dispassionate counsel. We are physically and emotionally engaged – we are in the arena with you.

Finally, we relish big challenges. Bring it.



Headquartered in Atlanta, GA

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