Why Choose POWER 10?

More than 90% of our business comes from referrals – and we aim to continue the trend.  As we often say at POWER 10, our #1 marketing strategy is to win our campaigns – and win them in a way that makes everyone associated proud to have been a part of such a major accomplishment.

The following are a number of reasons why we could be the right choice to manage your organization’s next campaign:

We “Quarterback” Your Campaign

Our Officers and Development Directors will drive every step of your campaign from Day 1 through the Victory celebration. Right from the start, you will know that your campaign is in capable hands – and you will have the peace of mind that comes with it.

Proven Campaign Process

Though we constantly look for opportunities to make technological and other upgrades to our process, the fundamentals have been proven successful for decades.

Customized Services

Each nonprofit client is unique and deserves a customized service plan – not a one-size-fits-all.

Sharp, Talented Development Directors

We work hard to recruit and maintain top talent. You can be confident in the Development Director and total team we will assign to your campaign.

We Make the Ask

Most fundraising firms do not.  Our Development Directors relieve volunteer leaders and staff of this task that seems burdensome to many (not us!) and we ensure that the Ask is made in precisely the right way in order to optimize the outcome.

Strategic Use of ROI

We frequently prepare an economic impact analysis of our respective client’s program and use the findings in “making the case” to a prospect at the point of the Ask.  This is a highly effective approach.

We Will Make Strategic Use of Your Time

We have specifically designed our process to accommodate busy nonprofit executives and board members. We know there is an opportunity cost to you spending time on fundraising activities.  Accordingly, we will only ask you to handle those tasks for which you are best situated.

Dynamic Campaign Marketing

We tailor our campaign marketing services to the needs of the particular client.  Some clients need little more than an traditional Case Statement brochure and related materials. Others are interested in full-blown development of a brand identity and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Collaborative, Transparent Project Management Tools

You will be able to track campaign progress day-in and day-out throughout the life of the campaign.

CEO Engagement

You can count on Founder and CEO Sean Mikula being meaningfully involved in your campaign.   This is not the case with most fundraising firms of size. Sean is routinely engaged in developing (or refining, if needed) each client’s strategic plan / “Case for Support,” interviewing top prospects during each Feasibility Study, developing each campaign’s strategy / timeline, and implementing the foundational portions of each campaign strategy.



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