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Congratulations to POWER 10 client, the Knox Regional Development Alliance (KRDA), for its recent over goal campaign victory! KRDA set out to raise $2 million and as of the formal conclusion of the campaign, received investments totaling $2.55 million – 127.5% of the goal!

KRDA is a new regional economic development organization created to protect and expand the military functions of Fort Knox, and attract new business to Fort Knox and its surrounding counties, including drawing defense contractors that routinely do work at Fort Knox. Campaign investments will fund the organizations’ first five years of operating costs. KRDA is now undergoing an executive search for its first CEO, and has recently appointed a Board of Directors:

Special thanks and congratulations to MG (Ret) Bill Barron (KRDA Acting President & CEO) and Brad Richardson (President and CEO, Hardin County Chamber of Commerce); Campaign General Co-Chairs Ray Springsteen (President and CEO, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union) and Dennis Johnson (President and CEO, Hardin Memorial Health); and POWER 10 Development Director Daniel Hall.

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