When was the last time you made a successful 5 to 7-figure Ask on behalf of your chamber or economic development organization? Don’t think it’s possible? It is. All you need is a little preparation, know-how, and skill.

POWER 10, a leading national capital campaign management firm specializing in campaigns to fund economic and community development programs and projects at the city, county, region, and state levels, will show you how to “make the Ask” in this informative and engaging webinar. Attendees learn strategies and tactics to successfully secure significant new funding for initiatives to address major community challenges and opportunities.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– How current events are driving chambers and EDOs to adopt new revenue models
– Successful case studies from across the country (small, medium, and large chambers and EDOs)
– How to use a “strategic initiative” to raise funds and strengthen value and influence
– How to prepare for and conduct a successful 5 to 7-figure Ask meeting
– Best practices for keeping investors engaged and happy

Your chamber / EDO and your work are too important not to be fully funded. Register today and start tapping into funds that will take your chamber / EDO to the next level.

BONUS: Attendees will also be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card at the end of the webinar (must be present to win).

Presented by Sean Mikula, Chief Executive Officer; Amity Farrar, Executive Vice President; and Demming Bass, Senior Counsel

Sean MikulaAmity Farrar, POWER 10 Capital CampaignsDemming Bass, POWER 10