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Congratulations to POWER 10 client, the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, on its recent over-goal campaign victory. The $3 million “Northern Colorado Prospers” Campaign received $3.75 million in investments – 125% of the campaign goal!

Northern Colorado Prospers is a five-year initiative focused on four goal areas:

  • GOAL 1: Fix I-25: Lead a comprehensive, multi-year lobbying and communications campaign to secure the $1.2 billion necessary to widen North I-25 between Fort Collins and Longmont.
  • GOAL 2: Align, Attract, and Retain Talent: Implement strategies to ensure a competitive advantage for area employers through quality workers and for area workers through quality jobs.
  • GOAL 3: Bold Voice of Business: Aggressively advocate the perspective of business and ensure public officials and residents understand the strong connection between business vitality, jobs, and having the means to afford public services that greatly enhance the quality of community life, such as good schools, parks, and bike paths.
  • GOAL 4: Expand and Retain Existing Business: Deliberately and consistently meet with Fort Collins-Loveland area employers to express community support for them and to determine what can be done to help them. As a result, thousands of jobs will be created over the next five years.

Special thanks and congratulations are due to Campaign Chair Kevin Unger (Poudre Valley Medical Center, Medical Center of the Rockies, and UC Health), Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO David May, and POWER 10 Development Director Thomas Morris.