Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

Our team at POWER 10 is pleased to have worked with Partnership Gwinnett Campaign Chair Randy Dellinger, Senior Vice President for Gwinnett Chamber Economic Development & Partnership Gwinnett Nick Masino, and a team of outstanding Gwinnett business leaders and PG staff whose efforts have driven the campaign’s “quiet phase” to success. Dellinger announced at a Kickoff reception at the 1818 Club last week that Partnership Gwinnett has already secured over $524,000 IN ANNUAL PRIVATE SECTOR pledges – 58% of PG’s “stretch” goal of $900,000 per year.  This exceeds the established standard of 50% needed to launch a campaign’s public phase and reflects a 31% increase over existing private sector funding for Partnership Gwinnett. POWER 10 looks forward to a high-speed and WINNING public phase to the campaign – stay tuned!

Click HERE to view the Partnership Gwinnett Press Release.


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